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Dramatis Personae

The following are the main characters in the campaign.

Yes, the U.S.S. Larson is categorized as a character in the campaign. If you're a big star trek fan, you probably don't have a problem with that.

You will also note that the PCs currently have roles NOT on the Larson. We're several months into the campaign and their ship was recently destroyed in action. They are currently assigned to the Special Projects Division of Starfleet.

Fleet Admiral Grokav Tellarite (Ambitious; Self-Serving; Tunnel Vision; Ends Justify The Means)
     Holds a grudge FOREVER
     Refers to the Four Years War as “The First Klingon War”
     Served brilliantly during the Four Years War
     Actually had far more to do with the Federation winning the Four Years War than Lord Garth of Izar, but Garth got much more credit outside of Starfleet.
     Commanded the Federation ground forces at the Battle of Kolm-An
     Believes a war with the Klingons and/or Romulans is inevitable
Fleet Admiral Nogura (Human) (Commander Starfleet Military Operations Command)
        Considered the embodiment of Starfleet to the Federation public.
        Over 100 years old, appears as a quite frail Japanese man who nevertheless moves with only the assistance of an antique cane.
        Commanded Federation space forces at Battle of Kolm-An
        As much a maverick as Kirk
        He and Kirk both have ties to Section 31
        Forced to step down as head of Starfleet following Operation: Dixie, he refused to retire and was command of Starfleet Military Operations.
Fleet Admiral Skorex (Vulcan) (Commander Starfleet Colonial Operations Command)
        Perhaps the most respected member of Starfleet Command’s upper leadership within Starfleet.
        Seen as critical to the Federation’s growth and security.
        Head of the ***.
Fleet Admiral Wesley (Human) (Commander Starfleet Galaxy Exploration Command)
        First seen in “The Ultimate Computer”
Fleet Admiral Al’a’ter (Andorian) (Commander Starfleet Merchant Marine Command)
Vice Admiral Sertull (Tellarite) (Commander Starfleet Training)
Vice Admiral T’nora (Vulcan) (Commander Starfleet Intelligence) 
Councillor Satar (head of Vulcan Tal’Sorak or “the hand of Surak”)
        Ultimate spymaster and keeper of secrets.
        Considers the question of Reunification vital to the future of the Federation.
        Dedicated to the return of “the Prodigals” (Romulans) to the ways of Surak, believes this can only be accomplished through the downfall of the Romulan Empire.
Councillor Valera
        T’Cara’s mother, declared dead years ago
        Highest ranking Federation operative in the Romulan Empire
        Actually a member of the Praetor’s court, as a minor functionary.
        Was once the former Praetor’s concubine (Severus and Honorius’ father)
        The ultimate ice queen, extremely ruthless, will do anything to accomplish her mission
Chancellor Kesh (Head of Klingon High Council, engaged in civil war against Gorkon; plans a war against the Federation with Romulan support)
Praetor Severus (Searching for ultimate power; plans a war against the Federation with Klingon support)
U.S.S. Larson
        Legendary vessel, class ship of her type and a hero of the Four Years War.
        Test bed for a number of experimental programs during the war, most notably the Breaching Pod shuttles.
        Has only had two Captains in her entire history- Captain Standish and most recently Commander Decker.
        Once a year on VK Day (Victory over Klingons) the crew conducts a ceremony during Third Watch. This ceremony has fallen to the only two remaining members of the original crew: CPO Malcolm and CPO Bergmann. An Honor Roll of every Larson-class vessel lost during the Four Years War is recited.
        Before the Honor Roll is recited, the following words are spoken: We are the arrowhead. We are the first into battle. We strike where we are least expected. The enemy underestimates us but later we are feared.
        Honor Roll: USS Midway, USS Austerlitz, USS Pharsalus, USS Eylau, USS Buena Vista, USS Anzio, USS Iwo Jima, USS Thebes, USS Hammurabi, USS Troy, USS Demetrius, USS Alaric, USS Acre, USS Baku, USS San Miguel, USS Bayinnaung, USS de Tourville, NSS Ney, USS Scott, USS Boyacca.
        After the Honor Roll is recited: These arrows are broken but they are not forgotten. Not by us, and not by the enemy who still bears their scars.
Captain Daniel Decker (Human; Former Commanding Officer U.S.S. Larson; Currently assigned to Starfleet Special Projects)
        Grandson of Commodore Matt Decker, son of Will Decker.
        Raised by his uncle in the Triangle, on Maze, which was briefly occupied by the Klingons.
        Speaks fluent Klingon and is proficient in the Bat’Leth
        A scientist, his background led him to be recruited into Starfleet Intelligence instead, over his strong objection and desire to explore and expand the Federation’s knowledge.
        An enemy of Admiral Grokav since the “Arkadelphia Incident”.
        Promoted to Commander and given command of the Larson by Admiral Nogura, current head of Starfleet Military Operations Command.
        Science Branch
Commander T’Cara (Vulcan; Former First Officer/Chief Security Officer U.S.S. Larson; currently assigned to Starfleet Special Projects)
        Father is Councillor Satar (see above)
        Believes her mother is dead
        Security Branch
Lieutenant Commander Ushaan (Andorian; Former Second Officer/Chief Navigator U.S.S. Larson; currently assigned to Starfleet Special Projects)
        From a long line of Andorian warriors, named after an Andorian dueling tradition.
        Very hotheaded
        Distrusts Vulcans
Lieutenant Commander Cobalt (Human; Former Chief Helmsman U.S.S. Larson; currently assigned to Starfleet Special Projects)
        Flies a Zero-G Castor Board in his spare time.
Chief Engineer CPO Henry “Peg” Malcolm (Proud; Loyal; Combative; Stick In The Mud; Former Chief Engineer, U.S.S. Larson; current assignment Engineering instructor Starfleet Academy)
     Age 50, Stocky, Salt and Pepper Hair, Goatee
     A Veteran of the Four Years War
     Lost leg in Four Years War
     Served Entire Career on U.S.S. Larson
     Enlisted in Star Fleet as a crewman (enlisted man) and went to Star Fleet Academy after the war.
     Keeps a plaque for every Larson-class ship lost during the Four Years War in Engineering.
     Has a deep hatred and lack of respect for Communications Chief.
     Fought long and hard to keep the Larson from being mothballed. Spent over a year overseeing its refit, which is still not finished.
     Holds a ceremony in Engineering every year on VK Day.
Chief Communications Officer Lt. JG Anthony Reyes (Arrogant; Brilliant; Young; Untested; former Chief Communications Officer U.S.S. Larson; current assignment unknown)
     Age 24, Rail thin, Close Cropped Blonde Hair
     Thinks Lt. Malcolm is a dinosaur
     Thinks the Larson is a hunk of junk and the refit is hopeless.
     Mocks Malcolm’s ceremony
     Refers to Lt. Standish as “One Night”.
     The source of most of the crew’s friction.
     Speaks 18 languages fluently including Klingon and Romulan
     Studied cryptography
     Has a huge crush on Dr. Chapel
Chief Science Officer Lt. Andrea Standish (Bookish; Brilliant; Wild Child; former Chief Science Officer U.S.S. Larson; current assignment unknown)
     Age 35, Brown Hair, Glasses, Freckles
     Loves to drink Reyes under the table
     Refuses to file disciplinary complaints against fellow officers
     Starfleet brat
     Daughter of former Capt. Standish
     CPO Malcolm is her godfather
Chief Medical Officer Dr. Christine Chapel (Living Legend; Unassuming; Secretive; Connected; former Chief Medical Officer U.S.S. Larson; currently assigned to Starfleet Special Projects)
     Holds a rank of Commander
     Refuses to get involved with anyone emotionally
     Fascinated by Vulcan culture
     Prefers to stay in Sickbay
     Dislikes being planetside, barely tolerates starbases
     Requested assignment on the Larson for unknown reasons. Offered way better assignments.
     Thinks Lt. Reyes is cute. Like a puppy. The idea that she might be interested in him never occurs to her.
     Keeps a hypospray set to thorazine on her at all times.
CPO Bergmann (former Assistant Chief of Security U.S.S. Larson; currently assigned to Drill Instructor Starfleet Academy)
        Assistant Chief of Security
        Certified Drill Instructor of Marines at Starfleet Academy
        Master of numerous weapons
        Veteran of Four Year War
        Offered numerous chief of security assignments. Turns them down because “Security Chiefs do lots of paperwork)
        He and CPO Malcolm have bunked together for 30 years.
        Curses constantly
Doctor M’Benga (Compassionate; Ill; In love with Dr. T’pok)
        Spent decades on Vulcan
        Is secretly suffering from dementia, brought on by an inability of the brain to cope with frequent mind melds. Ironically, the only thing that keeps the disease at bay is mind melding.
Dr. T’pok (Compassionaite; In love with Dr. M’Benga)
        Expert on game theory
        Expert on human and vulcan psychology
        Feels responsible for Dr. M’benga’s condition
        Believes in Vulcan/Romulan reunification
        Betrothed to Dr. T’pok as a child, confused at her denial of him and love for M’benga, but accepts it.
Surakir (Secretive; Dedicated; Deadly)
        Certified master of Tal’Shia and the only living Vulcan Tal’Shiar (executioner)
        Believes Vulcan/Romulan unification is illogical
        Leader of the Tal’Sorak Operatives stationed on board the Larson.

These are the Voyages

Hello and welcome to the campaign site for the Larson Chronicles!

This site will chronicle the adventures of an ongoing campaign for FASA's classic Star Trek campaign. There are four PCs in the campaign, plus me, your humble game master.

The campaign is set in the period between Star Trek IV and Star Trek VI.

Praxis has not yet exploded, the Klingons are in the midst of a civil war between Chancellor Kesh and General Gorkon.

The feel of the campaign is that of the late Cold War, drawing heavily from early Tom Clancy novels, especially "Hunt for Red October". Conditions are dangerous, the Klingon Empire is still seen as a huge threat but is in fact teetering on the edge of collapse.

Recent Federation advances, especially the Excelsior ship class, are pushing an already strained Klingon economy past its breaking point.

Many Klingon officers, especially junior officers, favor a preemptive strike against the Federation, and refused by their superiors, have begun defecting to the Triangle (more on this below) as rogue operatives, seeking individual glory.

This breakdown in discipline goes unchecked by the High Council, another sign that the Klingon empire is waning.

The PCs are assigned to the Triangle, which is an unclaimed area of space bordered on 3 sides by the Romulans, the Klingons and the Federation. They are the only official Star Fleet presence in the disputed zone and are tasked with defending Federation colonists in the Triangle and serving as an early warning if one of the other powers makes a push to conquer the region, or use it as a backdoor to attack the Federation.

There are going to be four main antagonists for the campaign:
  • Mirror Universe Impersonators: This group of officers was on the run from the Terran Empire when they were rescued by a Tholian scout ship. They were offered refuge in the Prime Universe. They have since infiltrated star fleet, replacing their doubles from the prime universe. Their goal is to carve out as much of a power base for themselves as they can. They are completely self-interested and have filled their crews with malcontents and discipline problems other Star Fleet captains don't want. They control the USS Defiant, thought lost, and use it as a pirate vessel, while others have infiltrated Star Fleet. 
  • Rogue Star Fleet Faction: Led by Tellarite Admiral Grokav, this faction believes in Real Politic, and seeks to push the Klingon Empire over the edge by any means necessary. They also seek advancement of the Federation by any means, seeing it as the "greater good". They have numerous "mad science" projects running in the Triangle. 
  • Tholian Assembly: These enigmatic aliens are able to cross between dimensions, and use dimensional weapons against their foes. While exploring the multiverse they encountered the Mirror Universe, which convinced them the Federation is a menace that will eventually turn into the Terran Empire. They rescued a group of officers from the Mirror Universe and gave them the USS Defiant. Their goal is to either push the Federation into a war with one of the other major powers, or into a civil war. 
  • Romulan Praetor Severus: Insane leader of the Romulan Empire. Think Caligula but more competent. His goal is to give the Romulans psionic power equal to the Vulcans, something they have lost. He has hit upon a brilliant plan to make this happen- he has trapped some energy from the Galactic Barrier and plans to use that to gain psionic powers.